Be Yourself

Geared up for achievement,

Accomplishment… “At all costs.”

Selling souls for the “Almighty Dollar.”

Forgetting soul’s worth.

In our fast-moving, yet non-enduring habitat,

A snail or turtle’s tempo is misaligned,

And undervalued.

The lightning paced, quick-witted fox,

Clever monkey, lion or tiger, so strong and swift,

The handsome and graceful gazelle…

All fare better,

In this breakneck space,

At securing worldly gain, like ego strokes,

Or glittery trinkets and such,

To grace their mantlepieces.

But the snail and turtle already have,

What they need,

Carrying their homes on their backs,

They travel with peace and ease…

As we too must remember to relax,

With only ourselves to be.

We carry our true home within us,

For Eternity, unseen by transitory human eyes,

Lives on inside our souls.

-Gilda Patricia

Re-membering Soul

When outer “egoic” reward is given,

It’s easy to bask in false pride,

Making gods of men,

And trusting in lies,

discarding soul needs,

Deeming pointless the

Small, still voice inside……..

But trust me,

Your soul is worth,

Absolute Divine love,

Absolute Divine glory,

And Absolute Divine care…

Sometimes it takes,

Losing everything,

To get this important,

Valuable soul-worth lesson.

Perhaps losing everything,

Is a small price to pay,

For regaining your,

Beautiful eternal soul.


-Gilda Patricia