Soulmate at Sea

I, the sea, really like to get into things, see all sides, swallow them up, for full understanding.  Depth.  It’s all about going down deep.

I often bang up against the rocks, but the rocks frame me, contain me, give me structure.  They are good.  Yet I can never penetrate a rock, or get deep within its core, as much as I try.

Rocks hurt, as they are strong, hard, unbending.  The rock means well, that’s just its structure.  It is what it is!

Sun’s rays dance and glide gently across my wet surface, hard to resist sensual ways. But the sunlight, same as the air it streams through, wish no part of diving into my watery chasm, my core, the place where I live…

An undersea odyssey of mystery, complexity, wonder and awe, the air and sun never to explore, know or see.  Mere surface play, I to you, you to me.

Neither simple nor easy, I take care of me, once I get past swells of pride, grief, hurt and blame, waves of pity, fear, anger, self loathing and doubt, and the dangerous waters of complacency, ignorance, judgement, false beliefs and human weakness.

These pit-falls create riptides which threaten my healing, yet are washed out to sea with purifying cleanse of regular spiritual practice.  Clinging to “water under the bridge,”not optional.

So where is my great white whale, dolphin, or merman; fun-loving, interesting, interested, powerful and strong, yet compassionate and warm?  Ready to dive in, unafraid of my soulful depths, his or ours?

(God is the greatest companion for souls lost or abandoned at sea…turning once empty, broken hearts into chests of overflowing spiritual treasure!)


-Gilda Patricia 






Past Level Ground

In the alligator pit of life,

Knocked so low,

With no choice but,

To climb or die.



Tears streaming,

Like cool sweat,

Strangely calming my emotions.


Hands and feet,

Bloody and raw,

From feeling every,

Painful sensation.


Scaling, advancing,

Picking up momentum,

Growing stronger,

More confident.


Buoyed by God’s

Love and grace,


Decide to just…keep climbing…


Higher up, with starlight,

From God’s kingdom,


In my eyes,


Even the darkest night sky…Can’t take me down.


-Gilda Patricia




Undiluted Thoughts on Paper

Clean sheet of paper

Blank, clear, crisp, new,

Beckoning irresistibly…

Joyful anticipation. 


No preconceived expectation,

Or judgments,

Personal vendettas or agendas,

Blurred lines or blurred vision…

No prying eyes in sight,

To dilute or convolute,

This dalisay writing process.


Words uncensored, un-minced,

Possibly impure,

But never diluted…

Spilling forth from

 Fingertips to pen tip,

Cascading onto neutral page…

Effortless Catharsis.


Brain emptied,

Momentarily “Mind-Less.”

Clean slate, clear state,

Where clarity reigns.

Nearly pure,

 As newborn.

Mindlessness prevention.


Newer, higher, lighter thoughts brush through…

Burning away the candid, quicker, sharper,

Thought forms;

Now just marks left heavily on a page,

Soon singed in ritualistic bonfire,

All evidence of discension,

“Up in smoke.”


God forgiven.

Day’s daily distractions, problems

 Surmountable again.

Sacred Journal Practice.”


-Gilda Patricia


Day 24- Word of the day-dalisay (adj.) Pure, undiluted

Word High July-30 Beautiful Filipino Words

Challenge set by A Reading Writer’s blog, and Doodles and Scribbles








All the shards,

Of my broken heart,


Like road-kill,

On the dusty highway of life,

After crashing head long,

Into your cold-blooded, 

Metallic heart.


Transformed in the Light,

Of grace and forgiveness…

My broken pieces,

Have now become,

As a beach full of shells,

Happily resting in the warmth of God’s love;

Counted as One with,

 His most Precious Collection.


-Gilda Patricia


Day 19 word of the day- habilin (n.) Anything given to somebody for safekeeping

Word High July-30 Beautiful Filipino Words

challenge set by A Reading Writer’s blog, and Doodles and Scribbles