Just the other day, I took a walk in the rain. Why? With spring’s arrival and the enticing warmer weather, I newly decided on taking regular walks for fun and fitness.

So my umbrella and I went off on a leisurely stroll down the block…

I was happy to be out walking again, but I must sadly admit to entertaining a slightly selfish thought. My secret wish was that the rain would magically stop just for me, instead of gifting the newly blooming flowers with an enjoyably fresh drink.

Determined to let secret wishes go, allow the elements to just be, (namely the rain), and simply get on with it, one particular word appeared in the forefront of my mind …Just.

Yes, just…period. Just, and nothing more.

Just. That one word felt relaxing even soothing to me, so I let it soak in and marinate in my brain cells some more…


I breathed deeply as I walked, thinking of just this one word between breaths,

Just…without a verb tacked on the end, like “Just do it!” or “Just stop raining.” Not adverbs or adjectives either, just, just.

Then about ten minutes later, and feeling more refreshed then ever, a new thought came to me…Just here. That felt relaxing too. So I continued following the just word with some other nouns…

Just now.

Just me.

Just a walk.

Just rain.

Yes, even that thought felt relaxing! I stopped judging the rain, and everything else for that matter, for at least a few moments in time. I continued on with my walk and just my just thoughts…

Just my umbrella.

Just dry.

Just air.

Just a puddle.

Just birds.

Just a song.

Just then I arrived home from my walk feeling lighter and freer then when I began, especially about the rain. After all, it was…

Just spring!

-by gilda patricia

Happy spring to my Word Press family!