Stardust Prayer


Dear Higher Spiritual family in the stars,

Thank you for showering us with your love, as always

And for shining your light down upon us,

Under the direction and will of one loving God,

May you please take a magnificent net of love,

Filled with your healing starlight,

And forgiving stardust,

Then tossing one end,

May we catch and anchor it down on Earth.

With great sweeping motions,

May we then move this net across the skies with you,

Back and forth, back and forth,

With an ever-widening girth,

A net of love so whisper soft and whisper quiet,

As to be invisible to us,

Like those dangerous particles in the air,

Yet a gazillion times more powerful,

Sweeping, cleaning, and clearing the air above us,

And the air below you,

Carrying the smoke, ash, dust, and debris out to sea,

Or to wherever the highest good may be,

All the while transmuting, healing, and clearing each one of us.

With deep sincerity and starry-eyed appreciation,

For your heartfelt kindness and help,

Offered freely to us,

Your younger relatives,

Here on Earth,

We thank you!

-by gilda patricia

 Thousands of Starry Eyes

What if the stars shining at night were in fact,

Starry eyes?

Thousands of blinking, winking eyes,

Eyes of your higher spiritual family,

Living in the heavens.

What if they were gleaming with pride,

As they wished you well,

Offering their gentle love and support,

While you traversed a darker, heavier land?

Thousands of twinkling eyes,

Dotting the skies,

 Ancient celestial ancestors,

 Our long forgotten loved ones,

Who haven’t forgotten us.

So, if you look up at the sky tonight,

Imagine if you would,

Glistening starry eyes

Filling the firmament,

Shining their love down,

And raining blessings upon you…

And maybe give a little wink back.

-gilda patricia