From Reflex to Reflect

How will I choose to live,

In this dualistic world,

Reflexively or reflectively?

Reflecting on thoughts,

Feelings and behaviors,

Of my own,

Brings grace, healing

And blessings unknown.

While reflex style,

Knee-jerk reactions,

Chain me to the karmic wheel,

Of duality.

Reflection buoys me in the

Serene sea of Oneness,

With compassion,

For All That Is.

Reflection sets my heart and hearth aglow,

With peace, joy, hope and love,

In God’s mercy,

Where reflex reactions,

Keep my heart-home buried,

Under ice and snow…

Just for today,

If negativity comes my way,

I will bless and deflect,

And then reflect upon,

The part I play.


-gilda patricia

Time to Live

No time to sing,

No time to play,

No time for kindness,

Romance, no way!


No time to smile,

No time to laugh,

No time to dream…

What life is that?


Everyone here now,

Is alive and breathing…

But will you be among the few,

Who make time for LIVING?


You can stop,

To savor a sunset,

Smell a rose,

Or touch a heart…


Or would you rather,

Spend your days grave digging?


-Gilda Patricia



For My Son

God broke off

a piece of the sun,

when He sent,

my son.

Passionate and fiery,

such a brilliant light!

Bursting ball of energy,

of creativity, of love.

Beams of exuberance,

dance from his eyes,

while streams of joy,

trail his laughter.

A smile to capture,

and warm the heart,

of every storm cloud,

passing through dreary skies…

Sharing this “humaling,”

for my son.

Love, Your Mom

-Gilda Patricia

Day 11 word- “humaling” (n.) Extreme fondness

Word High July-30 Beautiful Filipino Words

Challenge set by A Reading Writer’s blog, and Doodles and Scribbles.