Lost and Found

Tough life may teach one,

Truth of God’s love,

And identity as, 

Most Beloved Child.”


First complaining, blaming,

Fighting, crying out,

“Who would want this life,

Of strife?”


At moments even,

Wishing for God to…






Could prayers,

Contain such sincerity and fervor,

If not having once,





World torn apart?


Maybe pain keeps this train,




By calling out to God,

Faith muscles newly oiled,

And limber…




Losing self means finding God,

L                 S                                   

            O                   T                   and… -_-_-_-_-_-_ Found.


-Gilda Patricia

Love Threads

All good deeds (including prayer), 

Are sewn into the fabric of Love.

No good deed gets left on the spool,

Unsewn, (unknown).


Love could never deny Itself,

But only use the thread,

Which is of the same fabric,

For Absolute Good.


Sewing, sewing peacefully,

And ceaselessly into the night;

Creating a blanket of warmth,

For a world, otherwise at risk,

For hypothermia of the soul.


This poem is dedicated to all moms, especially my mom,

who works tirelessly for love.