Living Large

You, most joyful chosen one,

Are free from moods and fancies,

Fickle tastes and passing trends…

You are the Light that shines!

Meditate on the purity of Light,

Found within your own spirit.

A drop of water may have little worth alone,

But met by the fullness of the sea…

Overflows in depth, mystery, richness, power, life and treasures yet to be discovered and uncovered.

Each drop in the greater ocean,

Sharing in its glory, beauty and wonder with indescribable awe…

As the Light of your spirit,

Is a speck of God’s glorious Spirit.

All comparisons end,

When we glory instead in our God given treasures,

The fruits of His Spirit.

Only the humble, the loving,

The believing heart…

Would wish to merge in oneness,

With the greater Spirit.

Keeping pettiness aside,

For pettiness is living small.

Instead embody the peaceful Spirit of God,

And as a droplet in the greater ocean,

You too will Live large.

by gilda patricia

Soulmate at Sea

I, the sea, really like to get into things, see all sides, swallow them up, for full understanding.  Depth.  It’s all about going down deep.

I often bang up against the rocks, but the rocks frame me, contain me, give me structure.  They are good.  Yet I can never penetrate a rock, or get deep within its core, as much as I try.

Rocks hurt, as they are strong, hard, unbending.  The rock means well, that’s just its structure.  It is what it is!

Sun’s rays dance and glide gently across my wet surface, hard to resist sensual ways. But the sunlight, same as the air it streams through, wish no part of diving into my watery chasm, my core, the place where I live…

An undersea odyssey of mystery, complexity, wonder and awe, the air and sun never to explore, know or see.  Mere surface play, I to you, you to me.

Neither simple nor easy, I take care of me, once I get past swells of pride, grief, hurt and blame, waves of pity, fear, anger, self loathing and doubt, and the dangerous waters of complacency, ignorance, judgement, false beliefs and human weakness.

These pit-falls create riptides which threaten my healing, yet are washed out to sea with purifying cleanse of regular spiritual practice.  Clinging to “water under the bridge,”not optional.

So where is my great white whale, dolphin, or merman; fun-loving, interesting, interested, powerful and strong, yet compassionate and warm?  Ready to dive in, unafraid of my soulful depths, his or ours?

(God is the greatest companion for souls lost or abandoned at sea…turning once empty, broken hearts into chests of overflowing spiritual treasure!)


-Gilda Patricia 






Dangerous Bedfellows

Out on a limb,

 Hanging over the precipice,

 Terrifying and thrilling, all at once,

This risky business, of being me.


Does life offer a more sensible solution?

Would it be better,

To “lie” around in bed,

With the living dead, instead?


Wrapped up,

Nice and tight,

With my “comforter,”

Of false security?


Siping with vampires and zombies;

Those depleting,

And troublesome bedfellows!

Sacrificing my life blood?


No thanks!

I’d rather dip my toes,

In humanity’s living sea,

Swimming naked, shameless and free…


Risking being me.


-Gilda Patricia


Day 15 word-siping (v.) to lie down beside someone


Word High July-30 Beautiful Filipino Words

Challenge set by, A reading Writer blog, and Doodles and Scribbles

In My Element

(This is Part II of my last poem “Deep Sea Inner Diver.”-Further explaining why I dive.)


Some would call my diving,

Reckless, pointless, morbid, or just wrong,

But not all hear the call of the Sea.


Some are children of the Earth and Sky,

Still others dance with Fire,

To come alive.


Four elements making up,

One body of explorers,

No one less necessary.


A true Piscean at heart,

Most at home,

In the ever-gifting, ever-shifting,

Ever-loving sea.


Reclaiming lost pieces,

And reconnecting with humanity.


Truth be told,

If it weren’t for God,

And my fellow soul companions,


I’d have long ago drown.


-Gilda Patricia





Me and The Greater Sea

(This is an expanded version of the poem “Conscious Gratitude” posted June 13 2016)

 One day I looked out over the majestic body of water named, The Atlantic Ocean. Feeling very small, in comparison and lost in my own inadequate reverie,  I asked myself and the sea, “What’s so special about this body called me?”

 And the sea responding rightly, through the channel of my heart said, “Ahhh, you see me!  Conscious awareness is your priceless human ability, though seeing past pain, a challenge, and finding gratitude, a choice.  Stop now and readjust your vision.”

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